The Master of Engineering degree program was designed by the University of Southeastern Philippines, College of Engineering to attain its objectives of promoting advanced education in Mindanao. Moreover, the new program is consistent with the USeP College of Engineering general objectives of providing a system of instructions promoting the gained advances in engineering and its allied field; to stress the need for self-reliance, self-planning and implementation of community projects and programs; to promote advanced studies, research services and progressive leadership in engineering and industrial fields needed in the socio-economic development of Mindanao.

    The program is a 48-unit course consisting of 18 units of foundation courses, 12 units of general core courses and 18 unit of discipline-related core subjects. The foundation core courses are advanced undergraduate courses beyond those specified in the baccalaureate degree curricula. Some of which may be credited by taking a validating examination. These are offered during the first year of the program. The general and discipline related core courses are on the master’s level and are offered during the second year of the program. One of the program’s requirements is an industry-related special problem. The paper is presented to a panel of experts after the student passed the Comprehensive Examination.