Retrospect is an organization of, by and for all the department of the College of Engineering, of the University Of Southeastern Philippines. Retrospect earned the freedom and independence from Conquest as the official yearbook of the College of Engineering.

Retrospect promotes and upholds the name of the University and the college through the active participation, support and coordination of their respective endeavor and activities.

Retrospect represents the graduating students of all degrees which encourages and strengthens relationship among its members, providing moral support, documenting the memories, upholding the spirit of unity and treasure the struggles determine to survive the hurdles of college life through a yearbook that will magnificently display the passion and pride of fulfilling the purpose.


Moderators: Engr. Delan Zoe H. Arenga
Engr. Stallone P. Esguerra
Editor in Chief: Maurille John I. Ocampo
Editorial Staff: Amesyl H. Batalla
Sandra S. Manampan
Edmark C. Demaulao