• 2003 Electrical Engineering Board Examination Top Seven (7) throughout the country.

    Electrical Engineering Board Examination Top one (1) throughout the country.
    2004 Mechanical Engineering Board Examination Top one (3) throughout the country.
    2004 Electronics and Communication Engineering Board Examination Top one (4) throughout the country.


    2015 Electrical Engineering 8th Place Abrehn A. Gacang
    Geodetic Engineering 10th Place Ronald Dongel
    Mining Engineering 7th Place Earl Jay L. Paragas
    2014 Geodetic Engineering 2nd Place Kenneth C. Alba
    9th Place Gershon Clint N. Zeta
    10th Place Raymund D. Cabrela
    2012 Geology 9th Place Allen June B. Buenavista
    2007 Electronics & Comm. Engineering 6th Place Maria Deborah Baluran
    7th Place Francis Jay Jumawan
    2006 Electrical Engineering 6th Place Joel Grado
    Civil Engineering 3rd Place Kris Loiue L. Tortal
    10th Place Jonathan B. Mamburam
    Registered Master Plumber 3rd Place Kris Louie L. Tortal
    2005 Registered Master Plumber 1st Place Florencio S. Chua
    8th Place Felinee D. Cabrera
    2004 Registered Electrical Engineer 2nd Place Neil Kenneth Nacua
    8th Place Galen Ray E. Alova
    Registered Master Electrician 11th Place Arnel D. Bersabe
    Registered Electronics & Comm. Engineer 10th Place Geoffrey S. Hermano
    19th Place Neil James B. Espina
    2003 Electrical Engineering 8th Place Galen Ray E. Alova
    11th Place Arnel D. Bersabe
    13th Place Ryanel S. Pongos
    Electronics & Comm. Engineering 7th Place Eric A. Coma
    Registered Master Electrician 3rd Place Ryanel S. Pongos
    4th Place Virgilio R. Labor, Jr.
    2002 Electrical Engineering 6th Place Romel Dolino
    15th Place Marlon Amoguis
    2001 Civil Engineering 12th Place Shaun Jay de la  Calzada
    2000 Electrical Engineering 10th Place Domingo Banguis
    Electronics & Comm. Engineering 8th Place Orlando Gutierrez
    1999 Mechanical Engineering 5th Place Jeresty Ramillano
    1998 Electrical Engineering 9th Place Robert Mindog
    Master Plumber 5th Place Armando Morales
    10th Place Rommel Lagumen
    Certified Plant Mechanic 3rd Place Arnel Mariscal
    4th Place Jeresty Ramillano
    5th Place Fernandito Montoya
    6th Place Edcil Dado
    7th Place Noli Minor
    9th Place Dennis Rebuta
    10th Place Bonifacio Gato
    1997 Electronics & Comm. Engineering 12th Place Rovilio Rangas
    1995 Electrical Engineering 1st Place Nolasco Padillo
    10th Place Marlon Yutig
    Mechanical Engineering 2nd Place Jimmy Rama
    9th Place Joeffrey Dalisay
    1993 Civil Engineering 4th Place Melvin Sajenes
    1991 Mechanical Engineering 14th Place Ronnivic Mangaron
    20th Place Edwin Salinas
    1990 Mechanical Engineering 20th Place Aquileo B. Estrera
    1986 Mechanical Engineering 20th Place Nelson C. Fuentes