• Nov 03 2014  

    The University of Southeastern Philippines has lived up once more to its name as a center of excellence in teacher education.


    Three (3) USeP graduates made it to the top 10 slots for LET 2014. For elementary teachers, Bayani Niñel Escoton of USeP Tagum ranked second (2nd) with a rating of 89.20 while Rossinni Gecale Jubail of Davao City campus placed tenth (10th) with 87.40 percent. For secondary teachers, Luwalhati Millana Nasol of Davao City campus ranked seventh (7th) with a rating of 88.80.


    The USeP Tagum campus placed ninth (9th) in the schools that topped the August 2014 Licensure Examination for Teachers (elementary level), with a passing rate of 85.58, as compared to the national passing rate of 35.74. Out of the 104 USeP graduates who took the examination, 89 passed.


    Recently, USeP graduates placed ninth (9th) and tenth (10th) in the Agriculturist Licensure Examination, as well as, top two (2), nine (9) and ten (10) in the Geodetic Engineering Board Examinations. Given this performance in the government standardized examinations, USeP will continue to raise the quality of education in order to pursue greater excellence in the years to come.