To effectively operate the program and its projects, the CEDO personnel have to embody six core values.



This is commitment to the project, working even beyond the official time.



This value is important because the project personnel handles money and saleable commodities.



The USeP management should always have new strategies on how to improve project/services output and minimize costs of operations.



This pertains to the ability of CEDO Personnel to source out funds for projects/services operations, including his own personal resources to be reimbursed from CEDO funds.



This implies that the projects/services should be viable with the resources efficiently and effectively utilized.



This core value implies that the CEDO should share its experiences and expertise to other SUC’s (State University and Colleges), private, entrepreneurs, and other development partners. Its foremost consideration however, is the welfare of the university constituents.


The CEDO has seven major interrelated thrust as follows:

  1. Project development
  2. Food Production strategies
  3. Faculty, Staff, and Student welfare
  4. Augment financial and manpower needs of different colleges and units of the university
  5. Laboratory for entrepreneurial education in agriculture and other areas/field of interest
  6. Services and facility rentals
November 27, 2015 4:27 am |Core Values & Thrusts