The CEDO in Obrero campus shall be under the University President. It is headed by a director with a Production Manager for Obrero campus with the following functions.

  1. To determine priorities in any IGP’s and to develop/promote such projects according to acceptable investment criteria;
  2. To make the projects available as a venue for instruction, research, extension, and development consistent university policies and programs;
  3. To set performance objectives and standards, development strategies and to review, scrutinize, evaluate management plans, operating and financial reports;
  4. To formulate, rules, procedures, and regulations to govern repetitive/routine activities as a guide to decision-making concerning funds, property, and resources in accordance to auditing and accounting procedures;
  5. To recommend the construction, improvement, establishment, and repair of its facilities, machinery, and equipments, the acquisition of supplies, materials, equipments and other resources necessary to achieve the objectives;
  6. To recommend to the University President the appointment/designation of lower level personnel and dismissal of the same for cause after due process;
  7. To monitor and disseminate information to units, persons, and instrumentality on matters relating to income generating projects;
  8. To promote sense of responsibility, accountability, harmonious camaraderie, cooperation, and linkages for the smooth functioning of all units;
  9. To prepare, recommend for approval and implement an incentive scheme for all CEDO personnel and support staff;
  10. To submit semi-annual reports to the University President regarding the operations of the income generating projects; and
  11. To perform other functions related to the achievement of the goals herein stated as well as those delegated by the University President.
November 27, 2015 4:28 am |Duties & Functions