The university as an academic institution, performs the three basic functions – instruction, research and extension. Currently, because of financial difficulty and the desire to improve its basic function, production is now a major thrust of the university.


CEDO’s former name was Economic Enterprise of the University (EEU) 2003, later on it has been reconfigured in June 3, 2006 by the Board of Regents to become the Corporate Enterprise Development Office (CEDO) with an expanded mandate in line with the corporation in USeP. The CEDO generated income that would eventually lead to the attainment of fiscal autonomy and the flexibility in fund administration, thus, facilitating the required infrastructure improvement and personnel development.


As of today, only the Production Manager oversees the CEDO with four (4) personnels making the office functional and serviceable to its clientele.


The Income Generating Projects (IGP) shall also generate employment opportunities for people in the service areas and for students who are willing to participate in its operations. Aside from the financial remuneration, the students learn in project management under government – run system, enhancing their entrepreneurial capabilities that would better prepare them for their livelihood after graduation.

November 27, 2015 4:26 am |History