Dormitory Rules and Policies

Our Dormitory and Training Hall is a home for all. It is a place to sleep and also a training hall for a small group. It caters to both the private and government sectors including non-government organizations on a first-come-first served basis.

Reservation/ Booking

  • Booking notice for room accommodation: At least twenty (20) working days advance notice either phone call or written confirmation.
  • Booking notice for function rooms: At least ten (10) working days advance notice either phone call or written confirmation.

Note: Reservation  are considered tentative and will be held at least ten (10) days while for room accomodations while five (5) working days for function rooms.

  • In the event that no confirmation is made, the dormitory management will automatically cancel the said reservation unless an agreement is drawn prior to the signing of the contract.
  • Reserved rooms will be held until 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon on expected arrival date unless prior notice or arrangement have been made with the management.


  • Cancellation must be made in writing at least three (3) days prior to the scheduled check in date.
  • One (1) night deposit will be forfeited for NO SHOW and UN-ADVICED CANCELLATION. If it is a company’s account, one (1) night contracted rate will be charged.

Guest Check-in and Check-out

  • Guest check-in time is 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Check-out time is 12 noon on the following day.
  • In the event that the guest/s will be late on the said check-out time they will be charged another day for a regular accommodation rates.

Process Flow upon Check-in

Step 1:Please fill up all the information at the registration form to be distributed by the front desk upon arrival.

Step 2: Sign in at the USeP Dormitory logbook that corresponds to the control number of your registration form.

Step 3: The respective room can be used after completing the above processes.

Rates are based on a single occupancy. Existing rates are the following:

   A.Room Accommodation

A.1 Small Rooms (good for 5 persons) Php 250.00/head/day
A.2 Big Rooms (good for 7 to 9 persons) Php 200.00/head/day

Note: On the event that the guest will request to occupy the whole room she/he will pay the entire capacity of the said room.

   B.Function Rooms

B.1 Training Hall/ Dining Hall Php 3,000.00/day (8 hrs use)
Php 1,500.00/half-day (4 hrs use)
Php 350.00/ excess hour

C.Additional Charges

Bringing of equipment/s which uses electrical power consumption has additional charges and these are the following:

T.V. Php 200.00/day or less
Projector (OHP or LC) Php 200.00/day or less
DVD/ CD Player Php 200.00/day or less
Computer(Desktop or Laptop) Php 200.00/day or less
Sound System(Combo sets) Php 200.00/hour

   D.Catering Service Charges

  • Ten percent (10%) from THE GROSS of the caterer will be collected as corkage. The caterer will be allowed to use the kitchen, water and electrical power to cover up their 10% payment. This covers if the caterer serves plate-in or buffet meals. In the event that the caterer will serves food in a pack there is NO CORKAGE as long as the caterer oversees proper disposal of the wastes.
  • Rates are subject to charge without prior notice.


  • Currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) have the privilege to enjoy the twenty (20) percent discounts on room accommodations.
  • University President can only approve discounts.


  • For Room Accommodation: In order to keep valued client/s there is complimentary as sign of continuing patronage. And these as follows:

Group of 30 to 50 persons – 1 complimentary

Group of 50 to 75 persons – 2 complimentary

Group of 75 to 100 persons – 3 complimentary

  • For accommodation: A written communication approved by the University President that includes the name of the guest/s and duration of stay prior to the arrival of the guest.
  • For Functions Rooms: An approved written communication that indicates “FREE FROM CHARGE” by the University President must be furnished. A copy of the communication must be submitted to the dormitory on or before the use.

Children & Infants

  • Children ages five (5) years old and below, who will not be occupying bed thus sharing with their parents’ are FREE OF CHARGE. In case the guest would like to ask for a bed for their children, the same adult rate will be  charged to the children. The dormitory personnel may request a birth certificate to validate the age of a child under the age of five (5).

Billing Arrangement

  • Accommodation (Group Booking): A fifty percent (50%) deposit is required for the total guaranteed number of guest upon confirmation of reservation and signing of the contract: Balance payment must be made before the check out time.
  • Accommodation (Single of Double Booking): Payment of one (1) day charge must be made prior to their schedule arrival date.
  • Function Rooms: A fifty percent (50) deposit of the total is required. Balance payment must be made after the event.
  • Company charge: Only government agencies and selected private offices with approve credit limit and with good record can be billed after.


  • As payment, the USeP Dormitory only accepts CASH and Company’s cheques addressed to USeP- DORMITORY AND TRAINING CENTER.
  • Credit Cards and personal cheques are NOT ACCEPTED.

All kinds of pet are not permitted at the premises of USeP Dormitory and Training Center.

Fire Safety

The Dormitory is equipped with fire prevention facilities such as fire extinguishers and fire exits. However, guests are still not allowed to bring the following:

  • Chemical flammable liquids;
  • Fireworks;
  • Candle; and
  • Cooking apparatus
  1. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed inside the dormitory rooms.
  2. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED anywhere in the dormitory premises.
  3. Washing of clothes is not allowed. Laundry services is available in the dormitory.
  4. Guests are requested to pay for any loss or damage of dormitory property caused by themselves, their friends or any person for whom they are responsible with.
  5. Only registered guest are allowed to enter the rooms. Visitors may be entertained at the receiving area.
  6. Hazardous goods like gas, cooking stoves, flammable fuels, firearms, etc is strictly prohibited in the dormitory premises.
  7. Silence should be observed at all times in order not to disturb other guests accommodated in the dormitory.
  8. The management will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any losses to property, injuries to person (slightly serious, serious or fatal) which may occur inside the premises of the dormitory. Client/ guest are enjoined to exercise extreme care and diligence to avoid losses, damages and injuries.
  9. Doors and windows must be closed when using the air-conditioner.
  10. Upon departing, guests are requested to turn off all water faucets, slower, lights, air-conditioners and other electronic devices/appliances and to close the doors. Room keys must be deposited at the reception desk whenever guest leaves the dormitory and at the time of check-out. In the event the guest losses/damages the key he/she has to pay fifty pesos (P 50.00) for key duplication purposes.
  11. Complaints by guest/s and any possible suggestions for improving the dormitory services are welcomed by management.
  12. Guests are obliged to observe the provisions of these House Rules. In the event that a guest is in breach of these rules, the dormitory management has the right to disclaim the agreement on the provision of accommodation services before the agreed period has elapsed.
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