• Rationale

    The University of Southeastern Philippines has been dynamic in its program offerings to cater the demands of the business and government sectors in providing the Human Resource needed. For decades the USEP, has successfully gained its reputation for providing the market with skill full workforce, where students competence in terms of technical, interpersonal relationship and problem solving skills, in the different sciences of specialty.


    As a University in the new era, it must rely on its resources and the market for its growth, to remain functional and competitive. The MARKET is key factor, why the University has achieved its development and with the changing demands of technology and labor market. A change in the preferences of the job seekers mostly highly considers global employment, rather than domestic. But neither the less the university must provide the market for both demands.


    The University of Southeastern Philippines has a significant role to answer the educational needs of the region more specifically the less-privileged, thus, the Evening Program was offered.


    The leadership of the University is committed to offer courses which the clientele can most benefit from vis-à-vis the global requirements.


    CHED Memorandum Order 50 Series of 2006 established the Policies and standards of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM).


    From the list of priority courses identified by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and validated by the USEP-SIR project, the Evening Program, Schedule the offering of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM) Course considering the availability of resources in terms of faculty and facilities. Thousands of high school graduates flock to the state colleges and universities for admission not only because of the lower tuition fees in comparison to private institution but also of the strength of the faculty and the honor prestige brought by state colleges and universities evidenced by places and passers in board and other government competitive examination. These applicants for admission need career orientation and guidance so that they make better life choices in terms of careers which correspond to the priority course identified by CHED.


    The degree holder of BS Hospitality Management will serve front office personnel, tour guide, event supervisor, chief service attendant, hot and cold kitchen supervisor, housekeeping manager either in hotels, ecotourism destination, luxury ships and cruises.


    Should they intend to become entrepreneurs, they may focus on establishing their own restaurants, catering services establishments and many other ventures.