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    CGB Alumni Association Elects New Set of Officers


                The CGB Alumni Association elected its new set of officers who will serve for two (2) years, 2018-2020.  The newly elected officers are the following:

                            President                     –           Antonio M. Faunillan, Jr, MPA, Ph.D.

                            Vice President             –           Elvi L. Sorrera, MBA

                            Secretary                     –           Daisy T. Besing, MPA, Ph.D.

                            Treasurer                     –           Jeffer S. Dadula, MBA

                            Auditor                       –           Hyacinth Joy R. Yee, MBA

                            Business Manager       –           Alona G. Banzali, MBA

                            P.I.O.                          –           Richard R. Boston, MSERM


                Dr. Edeliza S. Gonzales, Dean of the College, administered their oath of office.