How to enroll to this college?

For you to be enrolled to this college you have to follow the steps that is seen in this page.


How much is the total amount of bills to pay for enrollment process?

The total bill that will be needed for the enrollment process is in this page.


What are the bachelor courses offered?

You can choose from a variety of courses offered in this college like the Bachelor of Technical Teacher Education (BTTE), Bachelor of Industrial Technology (BIT), Diploma of Technology (DT) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology (BSCT).


What are the master courses offered?

There are two master courses to choose from in this college, the Master of Technology Education (MTE) and the Master of Industrial Technology (MIT).


What are the special programs offered?

There are two special programs offered in this college which are the TRI-MECH and TRI-TECHcourses.