Parallel to the Tri-Tech Course is the Tri-Mech Course this program is a combination of the three (3) technology components, namely; automotive, mechanical and ref. &air conditioning technology. The graduates of this course are multi-skilled workers prepared to become general mechanics in automotive, machine and ref-con service shops.


The contents of this course include the following: engine overhauling troubleshooting, tune-up and service and repair of motor vehicle, also the basic principles and operation of ref. & air conditioning system, shop equipment hand tools, testing instrument, familiarization of electrical components, circuits, troubleshooting and repair lathe work, drilling operation and welding processes.



Evening Opportunity Short Term Courses Faculty Teams


TRI-MECH Instructor:

(Automotive/Mechanical/Ref. &Aircon Technology)

  • Orvil Basug – Automotive
  • Dennis Rebuta – Mechanical
  • Jayson Sasotil – Ref. &Aircon

Administrative Staff:

  • Dr.Romel Gador – Program Administrator
  • Orvil Basug – Project Coordinator Tri-Mech
  • Orvil Basug – Project Coordinator Tri-Tech
  • Olivia D.Estremos – Record Officer


Evening Short Term Courses

Training Schedule & Fees

Training Duration: $ months+450 hours OJT

Time: 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM (Mon – Fri)

Training Fee: Php. 2,500.00

Registration: Php. 100.00

OJT Fee: Php. 100.00

Total: Php. 2,700.00



Please submit the following documents upon enrollment:

  1. Barangay Clearance for unemployed adult and out-of-school youths
  2. Report Card/Transcript of Records

Cost of training Materials:

(To be determined during the first meeting)

For details pls.

call 225-4696/221-7737 – loc. 232

College of Technology, USeP