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List of Vacant Positions


Agency:                                              UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHEASTERN PHILIPPINES

Address:                                            Bo. Obrero, Davao City

Position:                                            Administrative Officer III

Salary Grade:                                    FOURTEEN (14)

Item Nos.:                                         USPB-ADOF3-47-2014

Location/Place or Assignment:    Obrero Campus


Education:                                        Bachelor’s Degree in BS Accountancy

Experience:                                      1 year of relevant experience

Training:                                           4 hours of relevant training

Eligibility:                                          Career Service


Second level Eligibility



                                                            Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

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Undergraduate Program: Graduate Program:
Tuition Fee:
Day Class 200.00
Evening Class 250.00
Doctoral 400.00
Masteral 500.00
Other Fees:
Entrance Fee 74.00 100.00
Registration Fee 75.00 100.00
Medical/Dental 75.00 100.00
Library Fees 732.00 732.00
Computer Laboratory 292.00 292.00
Facilities and Maintenance 120.00 120.00
Late Registration 292.00 292.00
Add/Drop 30.00 50.00
Miscellaneous 100.00
Athletic 146.00
Guidance 60.00
CWTS/ROTC 300.00
Energy Fee (Evening Only) 74.00
Cultural Fee 100.00
SCUAA 15.00
Diploma 121.00
Graduation Fee 121.00



Finance Division is open every Monday to Friday

Time: 8:30am – 4:00pm


Featured Sites:


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December 9, 2015




Department of Budget & Management

Matina, Davao City


Dear Director Martel,

As part of the quarterly meeting with the Account Management Team (AMT), we would like to invite you and your staff to join us on December 11, 2015, 9:00 am at the USeP Board Room to discuss issues and concerns on some budgetary matters and to assess the fund utilization performance of the University.

Hoping for your favorable response on the said matter.

Very truly yours,


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      Chief AdministrativeOfficer – Finance

  • Over-all supervision of the Office
  • Signs documents as to availability of funds
  • Signs box A of Disbursement Voucher certifying the availability of cash and the completeness of supporting documents
  • Assists in the preparation of budget
  • Coordinates with the management in terms of policies with financial implications



      Administrative Officer V – Budget Officer III

  • Prepares Annual Budget Proposal of the university which will be submitted to Senate, Congress, & DBM.
  • Prepares Budget Execution Documents (BEDs) and Budget and Financial Accountability Reports (BFARs) required by DBM, COA, and Department of Finance.
  • Consolidates the Internal Operating Budget of the university
  • Signs OBRs and BURs as to the availability of allotment

      Administrative Assistant II – Budget Assistant

  • Assists the Budget Officer
  • Monitors allotment balances
  • Coordinates to the different colleges and offices regarding the status of their allotment, obligations, and balances
  • Encodes OBRs/BURs in the Registry of Allotment & Obligations (RAO)
  • Alternate signatory in the absence of authorize signatory



      Accountant III

  • Overseas the accounting unit
  • Prepares and consolidates financial reports and supporting schedules
  • Approves Journal Entry Vouchers
  • Alternate signatory in the absence of authorize signatory

      Accountant II

  • Oversees and monitors the student’s accounts records
  • Re-assessment of student accounts
  • E-NGAS administrator
  • Prepares Monthly Report of Disbursements
  • Approves Journal Entry Voucher
  • Alternate signatory in the absence of authorize signatory

      Administrative Officer III

  • Assists in the preparation of financial accountability reports

      Administrative Officer II

  • Assists in the preparation of financial accountability reports
  • Indexing of all payrolls and vouchers

      Administrative Assistant II

  • In-charge of bank reconciliation
  • Prepares aging of receivable’s and payables (all funds)
  • Encoding of BIR remittances (all funds)

      Administrative Assistant II

  • JEV Preparation (164, evening, special projects)

      Administrative Aide VI

  • JEV Preparation
  • Editing of check numbers to e-NGAS (all funds)

      Administrative Aide VI

  • In-charge of tax-related transactions
  • Reconciliation of remittances

      Administrative Aide VI

  • Processes documents & vouchers of transactions
  • Pre-audits vouchers and Purchase Orders
  • In-charge of tax for part-time instructors
  • Collect fees during enrollment period



      Administrative Officer V

  • Prepares and signs cashier’s all report
  • Signs all checks issued
  • Transacts with banks

      Administrative Aide III

  • In-charge in the preparation of checks

      Administrative Aide III

  • Collecting officer
  • Prepares daily report of collections
  • Deposits collections

      Administrative Officer I

  • In-charge of cash book
  • Prepares accountability & cash deposit reports

      Administrative Assistant II

  • Collecting officer
  • Prepares daily report of collections
  • Deposits collections



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        The University of Southeastern Philippines, Finance Division had participated the seminar about the “Enhance eNGAS and eBudget version 2.0 complaint with PPSAS, RCA and UACS”. Held at Professional Development Center, Commission on Audit, Quezon City last September 28- October 2, 2014. The following seminar tackle about the new system to be use in Accounting and Budget Department of Finance Division which will improve the performance of the Division. The new version of the system was to eradicate the complexity of the previous system.

        The Budget system helps every transaction lessen the process especially in preparing and budgeting the money. In which money really matters in this university. It also fasten the new setting of the system and to improve more features.

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