It is my strong belief that the success and strength of the University is primarily due to the quality and efficiency of human resources. The realization of our University’s vision and mission and our sustainable growth cannot be achieved without high level of engagement and contribution of employees. This belief calls for HRD to position our people as the most important asset.

Along this line , the division will strive to strengthen our initiatives which aim at enhancing systems for the integral strategic organization of human resources management. We will do this by developing a framework of strategic HR practices.

The framework is envisioned to reflect the interrelation and complementarity between the regulations, policies and processes for attraction , development, learning, training and continuous motivation in order to maintain the best qualified and creative talents, and people with first-rate performance so that they can contribute to the fulfillment of the University’s strategic goals, objectives and orientation.

As your HRD Director, it is my humble wish that together, we will strive to foster a professional work environment that enables all employees to embrace a USeP corporate image and culture, and contribute to the highest possible level to support our vision and mission.

HRDD Director

January 12, 2016 8:55 am |Message of the Director