phoca_thumb_l_IMG_1825Last May 31, 2012, Thursday, the World Bank team composed of Phil Karp, Mathy Vanbuel, Henry Grageda, and Aubrey Bualat-Trinidad visited University of Southeastern Philippines and the KDC to conduct interviews regarding the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN). According to the Communications Officer, Ms. Moira Everva, of the East Asia and Pacific Region, the University of Southeastern Philippines signified interest to participate in the technical and institutional capacity and needs assessment for a country distance learning network that can affiliate with the Global Development Learning Network, or GDLN.


In line with the said visit, the team requested the KDC to coordinate the following:


Interview with the University President and VP for Academic Affairs/Planning. The World Bank team is interested to know the strategic plans of the university towards a-learning /distance learning. Interview with the appropriate research center/ graduate school/ international programs director, on prospective learning programs delivered online and unit capacity in distance learning program coordination.


Interview with KDC Coordinator and IT technical staff on specific technical configuration of KDC. Interview with ICT Director/ChiefTechnology Officer on the technical profile of the university, including current and planned infrastructure configurations. Ocular inspection of a proposed video-conference room that may/may not be the KDC. This room ideally fits 20 to 30 learners, located at ground level or with sufficient facilities to accommodate PWDs, with acceptable acoustics (=< Noise Criteria Curve 35) and preferably, the ability to block incoming light.

November 27, 2015 8:05 am