July 19,2012


Video Conference session on Vocational training and Economic Development, Hosted by Korea Development Institute-School of Public Policy and Management and the World Bank Tokyo Development Learning Center.


The objective of this session is to highlight the importance of HRD in general and vocational training in particular for economic growth, through the best practices of vocational education development. The participants will learn how vocational training could contribute to promoting sustainable and broad-based development of a country.


Vocational training, in particular, not only plays a vital role in individual, organizational and overall national economic growth, but also is an integral part of human resource development in Asia and Pacific countries. Vocational training may be defined as a process to acquire and sharpen capabilities to perform various functions associated with employment or successfully carrying out tasks in the workplace.


An educated and skilled workforce is one of the pillars of the knowledge-based economy beyond region. Increasingly, comparative advantages among nations come less from natural resources or cheap labor, and more from technical innovations and the competitive use of knowledge. Studies also link education to economic growth: education contributes to improved productivity which in theory should lead to higher income and improved economic performance.


Most of the participants in the said event were the College faculty of the College of Technology. They were enlightened as to how they can improve their Vocational technology curriculum after engaging themselves to the open forum.

November 27, 2015 8:14 am