MiSpace will be sustainable, self-funding unit within the University of Southeastern Philippines producing quality e-Learning products for USeP, DepEd and selected clients across the Philippines. MiSpace will be recognized as a Philippine center of quality e-Learning development, and efficient and effective delivery.


To contribute to the strengthening and enhancement of education and trainings across the Philippines, particularly in Southern Mindanao, through the development and delivery of quality e-Learning products covering significant subjects for key target groups.



  • A dynamic catalog quality complete, post-graduate courses being taken by a wide range of students from differing situations and geographical locations, enrolled in USeP.
  • A range of partner universities across the Philippines who offer USeP post-graduate e-Learning-based courses to their students in a range of flexible arrangements.

  • Development clients across Minadanao who have commissioned MiSpace to develop and perhaps deliver e-Learning-based training in support of their mandate.



  • Assist Schools within USeP to deliver quality post-graduate education to students using e-Learning as a tool that makes the education accessible to a wider range of students regardless of their location.

  • Extend access to USeP post-graduate education offerings to students across the Philippines through a network of partner universities that offer USeP e-Learning courses either for accreditation by USeP, the partner institution or both.

  • Provide development organizations a capacity to deliver quality education and training via e- Learning using MiSpace’s development capacity and successful product models.



    • A commitment to quality based on the understanding that success of our products and services is determined by the satisfaction of our partners and clients.

    • MiSpace is committed by becoming the ‘suppliers of choice’ of our clients because we understand their needs and continually improve products and services to better meet those needs.

    • Continuous improvement is the responsibility of every staff member. We are committed to continuous improvement in our processes and products.

    • The goal of Mindanao e-Learning Space, MiSpace, is total customer satisfaction.


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