Course CD-ROM


The following is a course guide that helps the learners navigate the course:


Welcome– a brief welcome page which provides learners with the option of (i) getting started, (ii) learners toolbox, (iii) about the course and (iv) the course on social marketing.


Getting Started– a technical support menu that provides help and instructions to set your computer to access the CD-ROM. It explains how to navigate around the course, the use of icons, and how you can get technical support from your divisional DepEd office. The system requirements for this CD-ROM and a configuration test are also included. In addition, technical resources (including a copy of Internet Explorer) and instructions on how to adjust your screen settings as well as frequently asked questions (FAQs) also form part of the getting started menu.


Learner’s toolbox– a reference guides to familiarize you with a range of learning skills and strategies to assist you with your further study. It provides useful information on how to effectively manage your time, how to read and write effectively as well as how to prepare assignments. It also provides useful advice on preparing for examinations and suggestions on how to network with your learning peers to support each other through your eLearning journey.


Course– this section of the CD-ROM contains the modules, lessons, exercises and quizzes you will need to master to successfully complete the program.


Required Learning Tools

  • Access to a computer with a CD-ROM

  • eLearning course on CD-ROM

  • Learner guide

It is also important to have the full support of your supervisor particularly where it includes regular access to a computer for eLearning purposes. Similarly your peers who are also participants of the eLearning program are another invaluable resource in supporting your growth through the learning process.


Accessing the course


The social marketing training program can be accessed on the CD-ROM provided. The tested minimum specification for the program is a computer with a Windows 98/ME/2000/XP operating system with the screen resolution set to 800×600 or above. The interface best operates with Internet Explorer 4.0 or above.


Starting the CD-ROM


This CD should start up by itself once it is inserted into the CD-ROM drive of your computer. If, however it fails to load, follow these simple steps:

  1. insert the CD into the CD-ROM drive

  3. double click the My Computer icon on the desktop

  5. double click the CD-Rom icon

  7. double click on default.htm

If you have trouble with loading the CD, please contact your divisional MIS coordinator in the first instance or the Mindanao eLearning Space on (082) 225 4331 or email


Configuring your computer settings


After successfully loading you’re the CD-ROM, the best place to start is to click on the ‘getting started’ link on the welcome page. Then click on the ‘system requirements’ button so that an automatic check can be done on your computer to assess whether it passes or fails the minimum requirements for the training program to operate effectively. If your computer fails the browser or screen setting requirements, continue to the ‘technical resources’ page to install an updated version of Internet Explorer or get instructions on how to adjust your screen settings.


Technical resources

If your computer fails the minimum requirements to operate the CD-ROM, the technical resources page within the ‘getting started’ section of the CD-ROM contains:

  • Internet Explorer v6.0- a browser downloadable for (i) Windows 95 or (ii) Windows 98 and higher to allow you to navigate around the course and access all its resources.
  • Instructions for configuring your screen resolution to correctly display the course.


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