No student shall be denied admission to the University by reason of age, sex, religious belief, physical disabilities, nationality or political affiliations.


No person who has not completed the enrolment process of the University shall be admitted to the classes. In exceptional cases, the University/Campus Registrar may, on the recommendation of the Dean concerned, authorize the admission of a visitor to a class for not more than five (5) sessions.


Entrance requirements for each graduate and undergraduate program shall be prescribed by the college and approved by the University President.


Only persons in good health, as certified by competent authorities may be admitted. The privilege of matriculation may be withdrawn upon recommendation of competent authority.


Students deficient in admission requirements may be provisionally admitted if found competent, provided they make up for all deficiencies within one year.


In the admission of students coming from foreign countries, the substantial equivalence of courses completed with those prescribed by the University shall be considered, if such courses were taken in an institution of recognized standing.  Immigration and CHED requirements shall likewise be complied.


Every student shall, upon admission, sign the following pledge:


In consideration of my admission to the University of Southeastern Philippines and of the privileges of a student in this institution, I hereby promise and pledge to abide by, and comply with, all the rules and regulations laid down by competent authority in the University.


Refusal to take this pledge shall be sufficient cause for denial of admission.

The University may limit or close admission for students whenever the availability of the faculty and   facilities do not warrant.


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