All students are obliged to attend classes regularly and must be punctual.  Their attendance should be religiously monitored by the faculty.


A. Excessive Absences – the rules on attendance shall be enforced in all classes.  A student shall be dropped or failed from his/her class when the number of hours lost by absence reaches 20 percent of the total hours required by his/her course. The Table below provides the number of absences for the 20% rule to apply:


     No. of meetings per week                             No of Absence

(Regular semester)                                                         

3                                                                        11

2                                                                         7

1                                                                         4


If the majority of the absences are excused, the student shall be dropped but if the majority of the absences are unexcused, he/she shall be given a grade of “5”.  Time lost by late enrolment shall be considered as time lost by absence.  Excuses are for time missed only. All work covered by the class during the absence shall be made up to the satisfaction of the faculty within a reasonable time from the date of absence.


Students who are late fifteen (15) minutes after the start of classes shall be considered absent.  However, if the teacher is late by 15 minutes, the students may leave the classroom, unless the teacher informs the students beforehand.  If the faculty arrives later than 15 minutes without prior information given to his/her students and the latter have already left the classroom, the faculty must not impose any form of sanctions to his/her students for not being there during that particular instance.


Any student who, for unavoidable cause, absents himself/herself from a class must present a letter of excuse written by the parent or guardian stating specifically the cause of absence. This shall be concurred by the Guidance Counselor, Director of Student Services or Dean and endorsed to the faculty concerned before the student is admitted to class.


B. Certificate of Illness – Students absent from classes due to illness are required to get excuse slips from the University/Campus Clinic.  These certificates are issued to students who consulted in the Clinic.  Illness attended to elsewhere causing absences from classes shall be reported to the Clinic within three days after absences have been incurred.  Excuse slips for the above illnesses as well as for other illness of which the University/Campus Clinic has no records are issued only after satisfactory evidences have been presented.


C. Attendance in University/College Activities – The attendance of the students on any school activity requiring such shall be checked by the class secretary.  An absence shall likewise require an excuse slip duly signed by the Guidance Counselor/Director of Student Services or University Physician/Nurse.  The student shall not be allowed to attend classes in the succeeding meeting without presenting the duly signed paper.


D. Maximum Residence Rule (MRR) – Residence refers to the number of years or terms required of a student to finish a degree program.   Any student is allowed only a maximum of 150 percent of the total number of years required in the curriculum of his/her program for continuous academic years of residence in the University exclusive of his/her approved leave of absence, as the case may be, otherwise he/she shall not be allowed to re-enroll further in the University.


E. Leave of Absence – Leave of absence (LOA) should be requested in a written petition to the Dean.  The petition should state the reason for which the leave is desired and should specify the period of the leave.  The leave should not exceed one (1) year or two (2) semesters.


If approved, the student shall inform the University/Campus Registrar and may re-enroll as a continuing student the next semester of the semester immediately following the period of his/her leave, provided that he/she has not previously applied for a Certificate of Honorable Dismissal or enrolled in another school.


A graduate student who cannot finish within the MRR plus one-year extension through LOA should enroll six (6) units of foundation courses and six (6) units of specialization courses, comprehensive examination and thesis writing.


If a student who has not finished the academic requirements after the lapse of MRR and re-enrolls the courses he/she has taken shall be evaluated based on the curriculum in force at the time of re-enrollment.


If a student withdraws after ¾ of the total number of hours prescribed for the course has already elapsed, his/her teacher may give him a grade of 5.0 if his class standing up to the time of his withdrawal was below 3.0.


F.  Withdrawal from the UniversityThe student reserves the right to withdraw himself/herself from the roster of the University by accomplishing an official withdrawal form from the OASR.  He/She must surrender his/her ID card and must pay the fees to defray expenses in the preparation of his/her transfer credentials and the forwarding of records to the college or university to which he/she will transfer.  A student shall be given a certificate of eligibility to transfer that entitles him/her for admission to another school, provided all indebtedness to the University has been settled.


Students who withdraw from the University without the formal withdrawal process therefrom shall have their registration privileges curtailed or entirely withdrawn.  Further, they should be liable for unpaid authorized fees.


G. Refund of Fees

1.  Only tuition and fees, based on 100% payment, shall be refunded in accordance with the prescribed schedule and regulation:


      1. Within one week from the opening of classes…………………. 70%
      2. Within two weeks from the opening of classes………………… 50%
      3. Within three weeks from the opening of classes……………… 30%
      4. Within four weeks from the opening of classes……………….. 20%

2.  After the fourth week or 30 days after the opening of classes, refund of tuition and other fees is no longer allowed.


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