Generally, the class size for all regular undergraduate courses range from thirty (30) to fifty (50) students. Class size beyond fifty may be allowed in situations where there is shortage of faculty and classrooms provided the quality of instruction must not be sacrificed.


In regular major/specialization courses, a class size of less than thirty (30) but not lower than ten (10) is allowed provided no same course is offered in that semester. Class size of less than ten (10) shall be considered tutorial and may still be offered if the faculty who shall handle the course is willing to teach even if he/she does not earn credit for the load. However such teaching assignment shall still be reflected in his/her semestral report of teaching load.


For the regular course offering of graduate programs, the minimum number of students required to officially commence a core or basic course and for an advance or major course is fifteen (15) and ten (10), respectively. Should the class size fall below the minimum number, the Department Chair/Program Head should inform immediately the Dean for the latter to decide whether to dissolve the class or to maintain it as a “special class” or “tutorial class”.   Should the class be dissolved, the Dean must immediately advise the concerned students to drop or enroll other courses.


No class shall be divided into sections for either of the following causes:

    1. To suit the personal preference of the individual faculty in regards to time and place; and
    2. To enable the faculty to comply with the regulations governing teaching load.


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