A.Rule on Pre-requisite


Courses considered by the University Council and approved by the Board of Regents as pre-requisites to other courses should be strictly enforced.  Pre-requisites shall be taken and passed before enrolling in requisite subjects.  However, in meritorious cases, like graduating students who are in their last semester of residence, simultaneous enrolment of the pre-requisites and requisite subjects are allowed provided if they fail in the pre-requisite subjects, the grade of the requisite subjects shall also be invalidated.


B.Changing of Courses


All transfers to other courses shall be made only for valid reasons.  Approval from the Deans and faculty concerned must be sought after which the University Registrar shall be properly notified immediately.   No transfers shall be allowed after ten (10) days from the start of classes.


C.Dropping of Courses


For cause, a student shall be allowed to drop the courses enrolled with the consent of his/her Professors, duly approved by the Department Chair and the Dean, subject to the following conditions:

      1. A student who drops a subject shall accomplish the prescribe form of the University;
      2. A student who drops a subject on or before the mid-term shall have his/her records marked with “AW” ( Authorized Withdrawal) and shall be considered dropped;
      3. A student who drops a subject after the mid-term shall earn a failing grade or “5.0”; and
      4. A student who drops a subject without official approval shall have his/her records marked “UW” (Unauthorized Withdrawal) and automatically gets a grade of 5.0.


D.Substitution of Courses.


Substitution of courses may be granted based on at least one of the following:

    • when a student is pursuing a curriculum that has been superseded by a new one and the substitution tends to bring the old curriculum in line with the new;
    • conflict of hours between two required courses during the last semester of his/her study;
    • when the required course is not offered during the last semester when the student needs it as a graduating student; or
    • student is deficient of a course and/or student has superior competence in the program/discipline desired.

Every petition for substitution:

    • must involve courses within the same department, if possible; if not, the two courses concerned must be allied to each other;
    • must be between courses in which the course substitute carries a number of units equal to or greater than the units of the required course;

All petitions for substitution must be submitted to the Office of the Dean concerned for his/her action before the end of enrolment period of the semester.  Any approved petition, which must strictly conform to the provisions for substitution of courses, shall be considered for the ensuing or for the following semester.  In case the action of the Dean is adverse to the recommendation of the adviser and the head of the concerned department, the student may appeal to the Vice President for Academic Affairs whose decision shall be final.


No substitution shall be allowed for any course prescribed in the curriculum in which the student has a failing grade, except when the course is no longer offered, in which case substitution may be allowed provided that, in the opinion of the department offering the prescribe course, the proposed substitute covers substantially the same subject matter as the required course.


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