Educational field trip is allowed to any group of students subject to the following policies and guidelines:

      1. Request for educational field trips, stating clearly the objectives and the relationship of the trip to the course or program and the planned itinerary of travel, must be filed at the Office of the Dean, for his/her action, at least one (1) month before the schedule of such activity.
      2. Nearer trips that can attain the same learning objectives are given priority consideration to minimize time and expenses.
      3. Educational field trip is limited to only one (1) per semester per class.  Consideration may be made within programs, thus recommendation from the Department Chairman or Program Head is necessary.
      4. A waiver duly signed by the parent/guardian must be filed at least one (1) week before the scheduled departure.
      5. All expenses must be shouldered by the students.
      6. Participation of students is not compulsory.  However, homework shall be given by the faculty to those who will not be joining the trip.
      7. The faculty concerned must:
  • inform other faculty members, who are handling the other courses enrolled by the students concerned, regarding the participation of the students in the trip.
  • explain to the students that absences in other courses due to the educational trip are counted as absences, however excused.
  • render narrative report after the trip on the significance and contribution of the educational trip to students and the college or university.
  • verify whether funding for transportation expenses is available before claims are made. Otherwise, he/she must spend for his/her own.
  • stay with the students throughout the duration of the educational field.
  • execute an affidavit or any official declaration stating that he/she will exercise paramount diligence in supervising and attending to his/her students during the entire duration of the educational field trip.

The University may impose additional requirements on educational field trips to insure utmost safety of the students and faculty.


September 1, 2015 8:07 am |Educational Field Trip