A student shall be recommended for graduation only after he/she has satisfied all academic and other requirements prescribed thereto and has completed at least one (1) year of residence work immediately prior to graduation.  Residence work may be extended to a longer period by the Dean of the College through their respective department chair.


Graduation of students who began their studies under previous curricula shall be governed by the following rules:


      1. Those who have completed all the requirements of the curriculum but did not apply for, nor were granted the corresponding degree or title shall have their graduation approved as of the date they should have originally
      2. Students who have completed all but two (2) or three (3) courses required by the curriculum shall be made to follow either the revised curriculum or the curriculum enforced from the time they first enrolled in the University to the present.


Guidelines in Connection with Graduation


All candidates for graduation must have their deficiencies made up and their records cleared at least five weeks before the end of their last semester/term in the program, with the exception of those courses in which the student is currently enrolled during that semester.


The requirements for graduation include the completion of all academic as well as non-academic requirements such as submission of bound copies of the dissertation/thesis/project study and the like, if required, on or before the deadline prescribed hereinafter.  Otherwise, students concerned should not be included in the final list of candidates for graduation as of the end of the semester/term.


If however, some graduation requirements are completed beyond the deadline, the student must register during the succeeding semester or summer in order to be considered a candidate for graduation as of the end of that semester/summer.  The deadlines for completion, specific dates of which shall be stipulated in the University Academic Calendar, of the requirements for graduation are:


    1. For those graduating as of the end of summer, the deadline is thebefore the first day of regular registration for the first semester.
    2. For those graduating as of the end of the first semester, the deadlinethe day before the first day of regular registration for the second semester.
    3. For those graduating as of the end of the second semester, the deadlineone week before the date of graduation.


Formal Application for Graduation


A graduating student must file formal application with the Office of the Registrar as candidate for graduation upon enrolment or within three (3) weeks after enrolment on his/her last semester/term in College.  This information shall serve as the basis for identifying candidates for graduation so that their records can be checked early enough.


Clearance as Requirement for Graduation.


Students who have completed all the academic requirements for their respective degrees may be recommended for graduation even if they have not processed their clearance. However, the granting of honorable dismissal and the issuance of the transcript of records, diploma and other documents shall be withheld pending submission of clearance by the student.


Presentation of Candidates for Graduation to the Academic Council


After the filing of application for graduation, the Office of the Admission and Student Records shall conduct a faculty meeting in all colleges/campuses to present and scrutinize the academic records of all their graduating students.   After that, the OASR Director or University Registrar must submit the complete list of candidates for graduation, including the list of candidates for academic honors to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for presentation to the University Academic Council.


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