A student in good standing who desires to leave the University shall present a written petition to this effect to the University Registrar, signed by his parent or guardian.  If the petition is granted, the student shall be given Certificate of Honorable Dismissal upon presentation of his/her clearance and receipt of payment.  The certificate indicates that the student withdrew in good standing as far as character and conduct are concerned.  If the student has been dropped from the rolls because of poor scholarship, a statement to that effect may be added to the honorable dismissal.


After the release of the certificate of honorable dismissal, incomplete grades obtained by the student can no longer be removed even if those grades are still within the reglementary period. This rule likewise applies to students who have already registered in another school before being officially granted honorable dismissal by University.


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September 1, 2015 8:13 am |Honorable Dismissal