By becoming a premier university in the ASEAN Region, the USEP shall be a center of excellence and development, responsive and adaptive to fast-changing environments. USEP shall also be known as the leading university in the country that fosters innovation and applies knowledge to create value towards social, economic, and technological developments.



Particularly, OASR is committed to provide high quality professional services to be organized as leader in academic integrity, top performer in costumer care and excellent service delivery provider.



Aligned with the university’s mission and vision, OASR shall instill a culture of excellence by maintaining the highest standard and degree of professional conduct toward the Administration, CHED and the students by ensuring the confidentiality, security and accuracy of student’s records; attending promptly in the issuance and release of documents and extending guidance and assistance to students with problems pertaining to academic regulations.


August 28, 2015 8:49 am |MANDATE