Dean’s List


At the end of every semester, all colleges/academic units are required to prepare a “Dean’s List” which recognizes students in their respective colleges/academic units who achieved outstanding performance in academics.  The criteria for inclusion in the “Dean’s List” are to be determined by each college/academic unit.  A student must have an academic load of at least eighteen (18) units or the normal load prescribed in the curriculum in that semester for him/her to qualify for the recognition.  “Dean’s list” shall be published in the school publication or posted in any conspicuous place in the college/campus immediately after a semester ends.  The college/academic unit may give a certificate indicating academic excellence to students who received this award.


Graduation with Honors


I. Undergraduate students who completed their courses with the following range of weighted average grade computed to the second decimal place shall be graduated with honors:


                             Summa Cum Laude……………. 1.00 – 1.20

                             Magna Cum Laude…..……...…..1.21 – 1.45

                            Cum Laude…………….……………..1.46 – 1.75


II. For students graduating in post secondary courses, the following awards shall be given:


                            With Highest Honors………….. 1.00 – 1.20

                           With High Honors…….…….….. 1.21 – 1.45

                           With Honors……………….….….. 1.46 – 1.75


III. In the case of candidates for graduation with honors, the following special rules shall apply:


  • No less than fifty percent (50%) of the total number of academic units or hours required for graduation shall have been completed in the University;
  • Candidates must have acquired residence work in the University for a period of at least two years;
  • In the computation of the grade point average, all grades obtained in all academic courses taken under the curriculum pursued by the candidate shall be included except NSTP;
  • Had not incurred any failing or incomplete grades;
  • Students who are candidates for graduation with honors must have taken during each semester not less than eighteen (18) units of credit or the normal load prescribed in the curriculum;
  • In the case of a student graduating with honors in courses within the prescribed length of less than four (4) years, the award shall be “with academic distinction”;
  • Students convicted or subjected to grave disciplinary action, like      suspension and dismissal, shall not be entitled to any honors or awards.


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