A student must be officially registered in order to receive credit for course work.  No undergraduate/graduate student shall be registered in any course after two (2) weeks of regular class meetings have been held. If registration is made outside the regular registration period indicated in the university calendar, the student shall be subject to fine for late registration. Students enrolling in special courses with no prescribed schedule of enrolment may register at any time without the payment of the fine for late registration subject to other regulations of the University.

A. Cross Registration.

Within the University – No student shall be registered in any College/Academic Unit of the University without the permission of the Dean or Director of the College/Academic Unit in which he/she is primarily enrolled.  A form shall be accomplished for cross-registration purposes.  A student who requests permission to cross-register for courses in another College/Academic Unit should first complete his registration (including payment of fees) in the College/Academic Unit where he/she is primarily enrolled.  The total number of units of credit for which a student may register in two or more colleges/academic units in this University should not exceed the maximum number allowed in the rules on academic load.


From another institution – A student who registered in another institution and who wishes to cross-register in USEP must present a written permit from his/her Dean or Registrar.  The written permit should state the total number of units for which the student is registered and the courses that he/she is authorized to take in the University.


To another institution – The University gives no credit for any course taken by any of its students in any other institution unless taking such course was duly approved by the Dean upon recommendation of the University/Campus Registrar.  The written authorization is to be recorded by the University Registrar and should specify the courses authorized.

courses authorized

Cross-enrolment to another institution may be granted provided:


a. the course is not offered in the university in the last semester of his/course;

b. the University chooses the academic institution where the student may cross-enroll,  particularly in a university or college recognized by CHED and with accredited programs;

c. non-graduating students are allowed to cross enroll if the course to be enrolled is not a major course of the curriculum; and

d. the student cross-enrolls only in at most six (6) academic units.

e. payment of registration fee for him/her to be recommended for graduation.


B. Shifting of Program within the College/Academic Unit

A student currently enrolled in the university who wishes to transfer from any other colleges/academic units should file at his/her current college/academic unit an application or request for transfer with recommendation by the Guidance Counselor.  His application shall be referred to the accepting college/academic unit together with a certification of grades from the OASR/Registrar that contains his/her scholastic record.


If the student satisfies the admission requirements of the College/Academic Unit or upon approval of the Dean, he/she gets a University clearance that he/she presents to the accepting college/academic unit together with the permit to transfer and certificate of grades or certified evaluation sheet.


No student shall be allowed to enroll in two (2) academic programs at the same time.


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