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A graduate student who has completed all his/her academic requirements for graduation and who qualifies for the given criteria may be recommended for this award.


I. Pre-Qualification Requirements


The General Point Average (GPA) should be 1.25 or better (equivalent to 95% or better)

    1. In the computation of the GPA, all grades obtained in all academic courses of the program being pursued by the student shall be included.
    2. The candidate should have been in residence in the University for a maximum of three (3) years for Master’s Program and five (5) years for the Doctoral Program with continuous enrolment.
    3. During each semester of residence, the candidate should have carried a load of at least 9 units.
    4. No less than 50% of the total number of academic units or hours required for graduation shall have been completed in the university.

II. Criteria for the Award

  1. Creativity, originality and quality of work – (35%)
      1. Rationale/State of the Art (to include analysis of the               (15%)
      2. Objectives                                                                                         (5%)
      3. Conceptual/Analysis Framework/Methodology                        (15%)
  1. Significance of findings – (45%)

Contribution to New Knowledge/S&T Advancement                                                (25%)

Relevance to National/Regional/Institutional

Development                                                                                                                    (20%)

Institutional Significance Only                                                                                      (5%)

Regional Significance Only                                                                                             (10%)

Regional and National Significance                                                                              (20%)

  1. Manuscript/Write-up – (20%)

Substance and Form                                                                                                       (5%)

(Practical importance, usefulness, manner or style

or writing according to recognized standards

or techniques)

Accuracy of Figures and Language                                                                              (5%)

Clarity and Style                                                                                                                (5%)

(Correct usage of grammar, simple words,

proper use of punctuation, capitalization,

and typographic arrangement and display

followed in writing)

Cogency and logic                                                                                                             (5%)

(Valid and appealing to the mind or reason,

convincing, relevant/pertinent)

TOTAL                                                                                                                                  100%


III. Implementing Rules/Guidelines

  1.   The candidate should have a grade of 1.25 or better in oral defense.
  2. The research should be reviewed by a committee composed of competent persons invited/designated by the President. The Committee shall be called the University Thesis/Dissertation Committee (UTDC), and should be composed of one (1) person outside the university and two (2) persons inside the university. The criteria for evaluation shall be those specified under item B.
  3.   The Thesis/Dissertation shall be categorized as follows:
  • Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Policy Studies, Socio-Economics and Social Sciences
  • Education, Arts & Culture
  • Engineering, Information and Communication Technology
  • Biotechnology and Other High-End S&T R&D
  1.   The Thesis/Dissertation should be endorsed by the Adviser and recommended by the Dean to the UTDC. Entries should bear no names of the Researcher and the Adviser.
  2.   The Thesis/Dissertation should garner a total rating of 95% or better to merit the award.
  3.  The award will be given during graduation exercises only. However, qualified students who graduated during the first semester and summer shall likewise be endorsed by the adviser and recommended by the Dean to the UTDC.
  4.  Decision on the giving of awards will be made by the Local Council and recommended to the University Academic Council for further recommendation to the Board of Regents.
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Every faculty member shall submit his/her Report of Ratings as soon as possible but not later than the following schedule:


  • 1st semester and summer – Five (5) days after the last day of final examination.


  • 2nd semester – Ten (10) days after the last day of the final examination.

Grading sheets should be submitted to the Secretary of the College who shall immediately forward the same to the OASR after the Dean has affixed his/her signature.


For graduating students, however, their grading sheets should be submitted ahead of the schedule for the non-graduating students.  The dates for submission of grading sheets are posted on the University calendar.


A clear copy of class records and the report of ratings should also be submitted and filed at the College/Department for reference in cases of inquiries regarding computations and incomplete grades.


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An INC grade is given to a student whose class standing throughout the semester or term is passing but fails to take the final examination or fails to complete other course requirements due to illness or valid reasons.  Thereupon, a special examination or completion requirements shall be given to him/her by the faculty concerned or by the Chair of Department upon payment of a required fee per course.


In case the class standing is not passing, and the student fails to take the final examination for any reason, a grade of “5” is given.


INC is also given for a work that is of passing quality but some part of which for good reason is unfinished.


The deficiency indicated by the grade of “INC” must be removed within the prescribed period of one year; otherwise it will be converted to a grade of 5.0 by the faculty concerned. In case of unavailability of the concerned faculty, the department chair/program head is authorized to take charge in the completion of the INC.


For scholarship grantees, such deficiency should be completed or removed within a period before the opening of classes of the following semester.


Students not in residence shall pay the registration fee on top of the removal fee in order to be entitled to remove his/her INC grade.


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Report of a student’s grades are routinely released to the student from the office of the registrar and mailed to his/her parents at the end of every semester.


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In case a faculty member fails to submit the report of ratings on the prescribed period without valid reason, the following penalties shall be implemented upon recommendation of the Dean or Registrar subject to the approval of the University President:


i. A penalty of Fifty pesos (P50.00) per course per day of delay is imposed on the faculty member payable to the university


ii. The salary for the last 2nd quencena of the last month of the semester/term, overload, and other monetary benefits of the faculty concerned shall be withheld until a clearance from the OASR/Registrar is secured.


Since prompt submission of grades is in large part a matter of good management, discipline and enforcement of University regulations, Department Chairmen, College Secretaries and Deans are enjoined to bend all efforts towards compliance with codal provisions regarding deadlines for submission of grades as well as recommendations for graduation of students.  The Director of OASR or University Registrar should report to the University President faculty members who repeatedly fail to meet deadlines for the submission of grades. The delinquencies should be entered in the personnel records of the erring faculty members.


The procedure for the imposition of any penalty shall consist of the following steps:

  1. Notification of deadline, including request for an explanation.
  2. Report of delinquency
  3. Order imposing the penalty


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A student who has received a passing grade in a given course is not allowed reexamination for the purpose of improving his grades.


No faculty member shall change any grade after the Report of Ratings has been filed with the Secretary of the College or with the OASR.  In exceptional cases, as where an error has been committed, the faculty concerned may request authority from the Local Academic Council to make the necessary change/s except ratings calling for removal or completion.  If the request is granted, a copy of the resolution of the faculty authorizing the change shall be forwarded to the OASR/Registrar for recording and filling, copy furnished VPAA.  In addition, faculty members should affix their signature for any erasures or correction done on the Report of Ratings.


Notwithstanding the foregoing provision and to avoid any injustice, the grade on a final examination paper  may  be revised  by  a  committee  constituted by  the Dean of  the College  if  it should  clearly appear, on the basis of the quality of the scholastic record of the student, that such grade is the result of an erroneous appreciation of the answers or of an arbitrary or careless decision by the faculty member concerned.  Should the change of the grade on said paper affect the final grade of the student, the committee may request authority from the College Council to make the necessary change in the final grade.  The request for reconsideration shall be made within 30 days after the receipt of the final grade by the student concerned.


 In no case shall grade be changed beyond one (1) year after initial filing; nor shall any change operate to the prejudice of the student.


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At the beginning of the semester, faculty members should inform their students on the criteria for grading in accordance with certain standard established by the College/Academic Unit/Department. Some aspects that can be considered for grading are: periodic examinations; term papers; projects; oral report/presentation; and class participation.  The weight allocation for each aspect is dependent on what needs to be given emphasis by the faculty.


Only duly registered students should be given ratings and this can be double checked through the official class list.  The rating system shall be uniform with an interval of 0.25 where 1.0 is the highest passing grade and 3.0 is the lowest passing grade.  The rating of 5.0 is failure.


The detailed rating system is as follows:


            Rating             Numerical Equivalent                 Interpretation
              1.0           –            98 – 100                    –      denotes marked excellence
              1.25         –            95 – 97                      –      denotes outstanding
              1.5           –            92 – 94                      –      denotes very good work
              1.75         –            89 – 91                      –      denotes very satisfactory work
              2.0           –            86 – 88                      –      denotes quite good work
              2.25         –            83 – 85                      –      denotes good work
              2.5           –            80 – 82                      –      denotes satisfactory work
              2.75         –            77 – 79                      –      denotes moderately satisfactory work
              3.0           –            75 – 76                      –      denotes passing
              5.0           –            below 75                    –      signifies failure. It requires a re-
enrolment and repetition of the course
             “INC”         –                                             –      indicates that work is incomplete

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