The following guidelines must be followed in the offering of summer special classes for the Graduate program:


  • The minimum class size must be twenty-five (25) students. Subjects with less than twenty-five (25) students may be offered provided the enrollees shall pay for the tuition and other fees equivalent to the total projected revenue.
  • Tuition fee for all special classes is P600/unit.
  • Students shall pay their special class accounts in full upon enrollment. Enrollment shall be in group per subject.No privileges will be given to scholars and dependents.
  • The rule on per-requisite shall be strictly observed. Students are not allowed to enroll the requisite and the per-requisite subjects simultaneously.
  • Only students who have failed or left behind the requested subject due to failure/failures in other subject/s are allowed to enroll.
  • The maximum load of a student in summer term shall be nine (9) units. In no case shall he/she be allowed to enroll more.
  • The regular summer program will last for six (6) consecutive weeks. Any arrangement to shortened classes is prohibited.
  • The Dean shall be responsible in assigning appropriate faculty to handle the special class taking into account the qualification, availability, summer work load/administrative designation, and ethical aspect.
  • The offering of all requested subjects, including that of external campuses, must be approved by the VP for academic affairs.