A Special Class is a class conducted for a certain course in the curriculum that is not part of the regular offering in that particular semester or summer and for which students requested it. In some cases, the course may be part of the regular offering in a particular semester but the students, especially those who failed in that course or have left it behind due to failure/s, are requesting it to be offered in another class session.


The request, which shall be approved by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs upon recommendation of the Dean, shall be initiated by the students. Only students who have failed or have left behind the requested course must be permitted to enroll.


All special classes shall follow the minimum length of actual student contact time per term of atleast eighteen (18) hours, inclusive of examinations, for every one (1) unit collegiate academic credit. Unless approved by the Office of the VPAA, any arrangement to compress the schedule of classes is not allowed and in no case shall the minimum length of actual student contact time be reduced.


Each special class should comprise a minimum of forty (40) students. If the number is smaller upon enrolment, the course may still be officially offered provided the enrollees shall pay and equally share the amount of tuition, laboratory (if any), and other obligatory fees equivalent to the required number of students. Late or additional enrollees shall likewise pay the same amount shared by the members of the requesting group.

Students shall pay their special class accounts in full upon enrolment, which shall be done by group for every requested course approved. No privilege of free tuition and other fees will be given to scholars and dependents. All fees must follow the rates prescribed under the Evening Program scheme and shall adopt the corresponding charges stipulated for the year level where the requested course/subject is being offered.




– For requested courses in the graduate programs, the guidelines to offer a special class shall follow similar procedure and scheme stipulated under the undergraduate program.


– For courses under the regular offering of the program in a particular semester, the minimum class size to officially offer a graduate course is fifteen (15) and ten (10) enrollees, for core/basic and major/advance courses, respectively. If the number of enrollees is less than the required size, the course may still be offered as a special class. In this case, the official enrollees of the course shall prorate among themselves the aggregate payment of tuition that is equivalent to the required number of students.


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