Performance-based Incentive System (PBIS) is a new system of incentives for government employees introduces in FY 2012 under EO No. 801. The employees will receive two incentives under this system, namely the Performance-based Bonus (PBB) and the Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI). PBB is a top-up bonus which will be given to employees based on their contribution to the accomplishment of their Department’s overall targets and commitments.


Extension is one of the Major Final Outputs (MFOs) of SUCs. There are three indicators of extension as MFO4. These are the number of trainees weighted by length of training, percentage of trainees who rate the training as better or good and the percentage of persons given training or advisory services delivery as good or better.


The total target set for the number of trainees weighted by length of training is 3,391 while 80 percent is set indicators 2 and 3.


Capability building for extension coordinators happens twice a year. The purpose of the activity is to strengthen and enhance the competence of the faculty members in delivering extension services to the community. The activities undertaken include sharing of success stories & problems encountered; evaluation on strengths and weaknesses and planning.



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