The extension program is implemented by the college of education in partnership of the House of Hope –SPMC. The main objective of the extension program is to provide basic competencies of children with cancer who has been hospital bound for a long times based on Basic Education Curriculum of the House of Hope. It further aimed to widen the outlook of life of the patients about life by building a community of love acceptance and compassion.


Significant Accomplishments:

a. Children are developed academically, socially and spiritually;
b. Children education status continues to improve despite of the illness;
c. Parents have improved their guidance skills to their children;
d. Children were provided with basic skills, knowledge, attitude and values.


Problems encountered in the implementation of the program:


a. Irregular attendance of student patients due to medication;
b. Lack of cooperation of advisers and organization members; and
c. Playing and working area is very small.


December 14, 2015 2:26 am