The barangay is considered to be local government unit closest to the people in terms of access and proximity, its roles in local service delivery cannot be undermined. Barangay leaders are key players in national development for they have highly significant roles in shaping the destiny of a community, as well as the city as a whole.


That barangay needs to incorporate in their development plan the activities that will improve the delivery of their services to their constituents. One important component is their service delivery is the proper management of their data and reports, in which, most if the barangay leader and staff don’t have enough knowledge and skills in improving this endeavor.


To augment the lacking skills of barangay leaders and staff in data management, the school of applied economics (SAEc) has implemented its extension programs to the different barangays in Davao City. As a start-off, the school has conducted the “Barangay Data Management Training” last October 22-23, 20152 at the USeP social hall. This training aims to equip the barangay officials and staff organizing and managing their data.


The training was attended by 80 participants from 42 barangays. The attendees were mostly barangay officials, staff and barangay health workers who are engaged in collecting data and preparation of reports. In42 barangays who participated, 20 were from district 1: 13 from district 2 and 9 were from district 3 barangays.


During the training, we have obliged the participants from each barangay to bring their own fully charged laptops, which were utilized during the data management workshops. Participants were able to learn the basics of data management, statistical analysis, pivot tables and data presentation and reporting.


The School of Applied Economics (SAEc) has aligned its programs with the University’s Vision and it was a great opportunity that the different barangays in DavaoCity were our beneficiaries in this program.


Truly, it is important for the barangay to learn how to maximize and use its resources effectively and efficiently so that such can rebound to economic gains that would allow the barangay to support the generation and delivery of local services to its constituents.


December 14, 2015 2:37 am