The Research, Development and Extension Center (RDEC) envisions to become a center of information and technology and information dissemination, adoption and commercialization.




The RDEC is committed to undertake the following:

  • Formulate RDE policies, resource generation, overall direction and administration of RDE programs of the University
  • Conduct need-driven/market-driven researches
  • Provide training and continuing education and community outreach programs
  • Establish linkages, networking and collaboration with other research institutions with equity



The RDEC of the University aims that five years from now, it shall have effectively and efficiently delivered vigorous, relevant and responsive research and extension programs that shall have been adopted and utilized by the people to enhance/improve their lives.




The following are the objectives of RDEC:

  • To harness and develop the human resources;
  • To produce relevant and quality RDE outputs;
  • To accelerate and enhance material and facilities upgrading and development;
  • To ensure that research results and social benefits reach supposed beneficiaries and end-users; and
  • to generate more resources for RDE programs



The following are the strategies of the RDE of the University:

  • Determine the manpower requirements of the research programs and develop a systematic plan to close the gap between available and needed manpower through a vigorous recruitment program, a staff development program, and the adoption of attractive salary scales and fringe benefits;

  • Develop strong internal and external linkages for resource generation;

  • Disseminate and commercialize generated technologies;

  • Establish social mechanisms to ensure that research results and social benefits reach target beneficiaries and end-users;

  • Establish appropriate incentives and other mechanisms for the promotion of RDE activities;

  • Initiate the formulation if RDE policies, ensure implementation and review thereto;

  • Sustain and strengthen the existing RDE monitoring and evaluation mechanisms;

  • Establish guidelines to strengthen linkages with government and private institutions;

  • Provide direction for priority re-searchable areas;

  • Develop organized RDE programs;

  • Involve faculty and students in the conduct of University-funded RDE programs;

  • Develop a feedback mechanism for bringing field problems to the attention of researchers;

  • Initiate a system of documentation of research activities, publish research results and provide mechanism for exchange of information among agencies in the country and the region;

  • Hold research conferences regularly for researchers and invite speakers to exchange information on current research activities as well as evaluate and update research priorities;

  • Search and identify external funding sources and facilitate grant development;

  • Upgrade/acquire facilities that can support the University RDE programs;

  • Enhance capabilities of faculty and staff through non-degree training, pursue relevant advance degrees in support of Human Resource requirement for RDE;

  • Store, maintain and link University database with other R&D institutions; and

  • Tap alumni for resource generation to institutional development


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