A leading, strategic and reliable partner of choice in conducting relevant and value adding research, development and extension in tropical agriculture, aquatic and natural resources for various knowledge users and thus contribute significantly to Mindanao’s global competitiveness and inclusive growth.”


“Provides demand driven research, technology management, capacity building and policy advocacy services thus nurturing a culture of excellence in science- and market-driven knowledge creation and utilization for Mindanao’s socio economic development.”


“Toward the end of 2025, the SMAARRDEC shall (1) intensify its knowledge creation and transfer functions, (2) contribute to the enhanced global competitiveness of and heightened responsiveness to the various knowledge users, (3) promote inclusive growth through startup of new enterprises born out of knowledge use, market expansion, job creation, increase in incomes and capacity development, (4) advocate for policies anchored on new knowledge, (5) safeguard its operation sustainably and (6) foster stronger working relationships and synergies.”

April 21, 2016 6:40 am |Vision Mission and Goal