The University Health Service envisions itself to be the leader in health maintenance in providing basic health care to its all constituents by meeting the needs of each and every patients not only in the primary treatment of ailments and injuries but also in the prevention of illness through easy access of health care and education for each one in the realm of good health practices and behavior.

To be the provider of holistic health care for all University constituents by:

  • Providing basic health care services in both medical and dental fields in cases if immediate and intermediate needs of the clients.
  • Promoting fitness and well being through health education on diseases and illnesses and health maintenance values aimed towards prevention rather than treatment.


  • To build a healthy community and create an environment conducive for learning and developing intellectual and technical skills to be able to meet high standards of excellence in education.
  • To maintain, enhance and forge strong partnerships/cooperation with other heads of office in the University in order to achieve standards of excellence in primary health care delivery so as to keep abreast with the University’s vision and mission.
  • To train and educate clients on prevention of illnesses and achieve and good health through health education and training seminars on updates of health maintenance and environmental sanitation.
December 9, 2015 2:48 am |MANDATE