It was during the early 80’s when the first generation of what was know as University of Southeastern Philippines choral group or simply University Chorale started its existence. The group was composed of talented college students who were studying in the academe.


For many years, the group has been founded on friendship, commitment and undying love for music. The group continues to do what they’ve been doing for several years now. The University Chorale is the University’s representative for every invitation of singing competitions across the region. Many have witnessed University Chorale’s growth made possible by the help of the mentors, friends and members. Several competitions were staged and many singing engagements were made by the group to raise funds and entertain their fans, and they are still looking forward for more. However, the University Chorale’s life is truly more than just singing. The members of the group are also actively participating in various advocacies and activities of socio-civic organization relevent to their objectives.

With a stronger commitment to serve the academe, the University chorale stands still with one mission that gives meaning to what they do. They are here to bring His message of Hope, Trials and Cheers through their music.

November 27, 2015 4:44 am