The organization of the university’s Office of the Cultural Affairs reads its project brief as requiring an innovative approach towards the analysis and the preservation of our unique culture through the university experiences.  Both cultural content and learning content are, individually, key components of Cultural presentations in the College/University Festival Planning Policy both in the legislative and funding environments. The office finds it also significant since this will also lead into the interweaving of commonalities among varied peoples’ culture for peace and development. The problem is however the lack of integration between cultural and learning content, and policies for cultural presentations during festival celebration, as though they fall into separate categories under the competence of different Committees, Colleges,  Units, funding programs, etc.


To properly address the issue of cultural and learning content of festival celebrations in the university, I have considered the Office of the Cultural Affairs not only to look at evidence from the past, but also to develop a compelling prospective vision for the university community and the academe in general.

October 1, 2015 8:56 am |About Us