Guidance is an integral part of the whole educational program. It is designed to serve the development and adjustment of the students who are either in the critical stage or in the normal flow of college life. Guidance plays a major part in the attainment of the University’s objective, that is, the total development of the person.


The University Guidance and Testing Office(UGTO) is geared towards helping the students who are in need of support and assistance in their personal, social, academic, vocational difficulties. Certain challenges face the youth adult to full-adult form of behavior, expressions and reactions, social adjustment with peers, family and society, establishing goals and directions (educational and career decision-making), and evaluating their own values (conflict between idealism and reality). While we work with students who may be experiencing a crisis, our goal is to assist them deal with their concerns before it develops into more serious problems.




Guidance and Counseling in an integral part of the total educational process and is for all students. It aims to assist students in making decisions and changing behavior, based on what is developmentally appropriate and necessary for them to acquire at each level.


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