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USeP-CT Closes The Three-Day Training


A night before the closing ceremony, the College of Technology (CT) held a Socialization night for the participants of the skills training. The event aimed to gather all the participants & sought to provide them the opportunity to be acquainted with one another especially those from different schools and share their insights on technology enhancement. Most especially, the gathering aimed to help them build camaraderie and to create an atmosphere of companionship. The participants have enjoyed so much as the night goes on. They displayed their talents and rocked the AVR as they showcased their talents. According to Mr. Alexes N. Gallo, MEP ECE, he enjoyed his stay in the University, “The accommodation was excellent,” he said. On June 3, 2015, the three-day training ended successfully through the collaborative effort of the CT Faculty and Staff. It closed in high spirits, in which the College extended their heartfelt gratitude to the participants. Overall, the training equipped the participants with significant learnings, relevant to their field of specialization. It has further generated a enhancement in the Industrial Technology Education in the Philippines.

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