SAEc conducts RATEE 2016 Training Series this summer

he School of Applied Economics (SAEc) is tasked with teaching, conducting research and providing advisory and extension services to government and private institutions. SAEc has designed for its extension, the Research Assistance and Training in Economics and Econometrics (RATEE), a lifelong continuing education program for researchers, planners and policy makers. RATEE is a training series program where participants are expected to level-up in each training. They will start from the basic/refresher topics and they will gradually follow a step-by-step training until they reach the higher-level topics. The program will have a lecture-workshop setting with computer laboratory exercises, designed to train them well in hands-on application.

In this regard, we would like to invite you to our RATEE training series this summer which will be held at the SAEc AVR, USeP, Obrero, Davao City. The series has two training programs: the basic and the advanced levels. In the basic level, trainees will be introduced to research processes, sampling methods, exploratory data analysis, and descriptive and inferential statistics. After the basic training, they will be introduced to advanced quantitative techniques commonly used in socio-economic researches. The advanced level training aims to enhance the knowledge and competencies of the participants in the application of economic theories to relevant sectors and economic problems; and to develop the ability of the participants to determine suitable methodologies, statistical and econometric tools in undertaking research.

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