SAEC Launched 3 Books



Economics, aside from being an interesting subject, is equally vital to humanity and to the world as a whole. It cuts across areas of discipline. This has been the guiding principle behind the course offerings of the School of Applied Economics (SAEc) of the University of Southeastern Philippines.


Fifteen years after SAEc was formally established as a college of the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) in April 19, 1999, SAEc continues to excel in research, a testimony of which are papers presented in local, regional, national and international conferences and conventions. Most of the papers had been published either at the websites of seminar organizers or in a hard copy form.


To celebrate its fifteen years of existence, SAEc decided to publish three (3) books, classified as: Production Economics (Book 1), Development Economics and Policy Issues (Book 2), and Applied Econometric Techniques (Book 3).


The first book (Book 1) is about Production Economics, which contains 27 articles dealing with the decisions that farmers make. It has relevance to farmers, producers, policy makers, and economic practitioners. It also presents some of the most-commonly used methodologies and tools dealing with the subject.  On the other hand, Book 2 on Development Economics contains 26 articles dealing with the economic, social, political and institutional mechanisms for the improvement of the standard of living of the people.  The third book, Applied Econometric Techniques contains 26 articles about current and “out-of-the-box” econometrics techniques applied to analyze relevant social and economic problems in the society.


SAEc  launched the books in March 7, 2014, at the USeP Social Hall, Obrero, Davao City.


Purchase could be made in any of the following modes:


(1)  Cash – pay directly to the Finance Division of  USeP after securing payment order slip (POS) from SAEc


(2)  Check/Bank Deposit:

Account number: 0915-010315-030 (University of Southeastern Philippines – STF Fund)
Bank Name: Development Bank of the Philippines, Claveria St., Davao City.



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