Webinar on Psycho-Spirituality for Graduating Students of AY 2021-2022

The University Assessment and Guidance Center (UAGC) recognizes the fact that our students, the youth of today, are faced with challenges caused by technological advancement and changes in the global and local landscape. Some of the issues that the youths are experiencing are depression, suicide, teenage pregnancy, and addiction. The need to address the challenges faced by our students requires wide range programs design appropriately for them. One of the programs designs for Graduating Students is the conduct of Seminar/Webinar on Psycho-Spirituality.

Psycho-Spirituality acknowledges that dimensions of individual development consist of psychological and spiritual aspects. Spirituality transcends the psychological approach that enables the individual to experience oneness; an encounter with self, encounter with the Creator. It is best explained in the theories of Carl Jung, a psychoanalyst, who is known for his works about the archetypes, Archetypes are images and thoughts, which have universal meanings across cultures that can be expressed in dreams, literature, art, or religion (Jung, 1947 cited in Feist & Feist, 2017).

The activity will provide venue for the students specifically the Graduating Students to spend time for reflection and
contemplation; and let the inner self to connect with the universe. It is UAGC’s way of sending forth the students as
they enter into the adult world of work.

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