USeP students complete internship in Shanghai, China

After a three-month internship at Shanghai Zhiding Technologies, Co. in Shanghai, China, students from the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) returned with a renewed outlook on technology and its impact to humanity.

During the internship from July 2 to September 9, 2018, the College of Engineering (CoE) and College of Technology (CT) students participated in discussions on public broadcasting system, video surveillance system, intelligent paperless conference system, and the different kinds and functions of control systems.

To gain firsthand experience of the functions performed by the IT solutions company personnel, the interns also learned how to set up a wiring distribution panel and crimp wires to make an Ethernet cable.

“I am very grateful for my experience as an Electrical Engineering student in USeP. This has helped in overcoming the challenges of being an intern abroad,” said Kevin Roy E. Castillo, one of the interns from CoE.

“Learning in a different environment makes us more versatile so we can excel in our chosen field of study,” he added.

Together with Castillo, the group of students composed of Jose Rey Solatorio, Cyrel Jay Lacang, Jeanne Rhe Macabebe, Lord Shem Rafailes, John Nerie L. Payao, and Norfah C. Hanapia prepared for the internship by taking basic Mandarin lessons.

The on-the-job training was conducted in line with the Student Internship Abroad Program (SIAP) of the University.

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