How much is the tuition fee in USeP?

The updated schedule of fees which includes the tuition and other fees for both undergraduate and graduate degree programs is located here.

Can I view my grades online?

Yes, but as of now, only students from Obrero Campus can view their grades online. Here’s a link to the website: Student Portal.

What are the rules and regulations of the university?

The full list of the rules and regulations of the university for both students and faculty are all stated in the student handbook.

How can I contact the university?

University of Southeastern Philippines
Iñigo St. Bo. Obrero, Davao City 8000
(082) 225-4696 or 224-4480

For site-related comments, send to:


What are the scholarships available in USeP?

There are university-funded and externally-funded scholarships available for the students of the university.  The full list of the said scholarships and their requirements are available here. For more information, kindly contact the Office of Student Services.

Is USeP accessible to any landmarks or big establishments?

The university is situated in the heart of Davao City which gives the students an advantage of having ease access to establishments like dormitories, book stores. and alike.

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