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The Office of the Secretary of the University and the University Records Office (OSU-URO) is a vital institution within the University's administration, led by the Secretary of the University who also holds the position of ex-officio Secretary of the Board. The OSU-URO underwent a restructuring in 2016 that brought the University Records Office (URO) under its purview, as per BOR Resolution No. 17, Series of 2016. The office is responsible for the precise recording and documentation of the university's key meetings, and the dissemination of policies formulated by various university councils. Furthermore, the OSU-URO, via the University Records Officer, also holds the responsibility of managing and preserving the university's policy and records library, thereby ensuring the institution's compliance with relevant privacy and information access legislations. Similarly, the office is also mandated to plan, develop, prescribe, disseminate, and enforce policies, rules, and regulations and coordinate university-wide programs governing the creation, general protection, use, storage, and disposition of university records including the acquisition, storage, and preservation of institutional archives and providing facilities for reference, research, or other purposes. Organized into three sections: the BOR/PBR/UAC/AdCo/URDEIC Secretariat; the Circularization and Communications Section; and the Administrative Section, each department fulfills unique roles contributing to the overall function of the OSU-URO. The Secretariat supports the governance of the university, managing various decision-making bodies, while the Circularization and Communications Section oversees the movement of documents to and from stakeholders, ensuring timely action. The Administrative Section, led by the Administrative Officer, handles logistics and management of resources to aid the daily functions of the OSU-URO. Notably, the OSU-URO holds the critical role of Document Controller, pursuant to the University's Quality Management System. In this capacity, the URO ensures the systematic control, organization, and preservation of the University's essential documents, which aligns with the University's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of operational efficiency and academic excellence. Lastly, in line with its core objective of promoting transparency and accountability, OSU-URO has been at the forefront of implementing the Freedom of Information (FOI) program at the University, complying with public transparency mandates, further underscoring its commitment to promoting good governance within the university. This initiative was taken in strict compliance with Executive Order No. 2, series of 2016, reinforcing the institution's commitment to fostering an open and informed academic community.


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Office of the Secretary of the University
and the University Records Office
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Please email us at:, cc:,, or call us via our VoIP Landline (082) 227-8192 local 209 and 211.

Please email us at:, cc:, or call us via our VoIP Landline (082) 227-8192 local 209 and 210