Services Offered

BOR/AdCo/UC Secretariat is responsible for the provision of secretariat support to the University Board of Regents (BOR), Top Management, Administrative Council (AdCo), and University Academic Council (UC) and other decision-making bodies [including but not limited to the Board Finance Committee (BFC), Board Search/Nomination/Evaluation/Ad Hoc Committees], in the good governance of the University.
Manned by the Administrative Officer (AO), the Administrative Section performs the following services/duties in support to OSU-URO’s daily functions in the University: (1) procures and manages office supplies and equipment; (2) maintains records on office expenses, personnel, supplies and equipment; (3) disburses funds for BOR honorarium, cash advances, travel allowances, and office expenses; (4) facilitates the delivery of BOR materials, and (5) accomplishes travel reports and other related matters.
Communications Section manages the inflow and outflow of documents to/from different stakeholders (internal or external) ensuring that they are received, released, tracked properly and promptly. This Section is responsible in the (1) messengerial and liaising duties of logging/encoding, sorting records and documents, and routing these as well as dispatching mails to courier services, (2) responding to inquiries regarding official communications received and released by OSU-URO; (3) and making draft communications (e.g., letters, memorandum) for the SUBR. To see to it that documents from the external campuses are acted promptly in the Main Campus, the Liaison Officer for External Campuses (LOEC) is under this Section. The LOEC acts as liaison in the distribution and collection of official documents from external campuses and in facilitating its delivery to concerned offices in Obrero Campus seeing to it that these are acted accordingly.
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