Turnover of DOST STARBOOKS to USeP

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) turned over to the University of Southeastern Philippines (USeP) the Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosk Stations (STARBOOKS), the first Philippine science and technology digital library, on February 28, 2019 at the Science and Technology Learning Resource Center (STLRC), USeP Obrero campus.

Launched by the DOST-Science and Technology Information Institute (STII) in 2012, STARBOOKS contains thousands of digitized science and technology resources in various formats placed in specially designed “pods” set in a user-friendly interface (Source: http://www.starbooks.ph). STARBOOKS, which is free of charge, has features that include a standalone information kiosk, read-only information, a compendium of S&T information from around the world, and videos that stimulate every Filipino’s entrepreneurial capacity. Moreover, DOST, through this innovation, aims to create interest in the field of Science and Technology among Filipinos, encourage great minds to create new ideas, and inspire one’s capacity for entrepreneurship and research.

DOST Region XI Assistant Director for Finance and Administrative Services, Mr. Eduardo P. Tesorero, represented DOST XI Regional Director, Dr. Anthony C. Sales, in the program. Tesorero shared the humble beginnings of STARBOOKS and how it became one of the successful projects of the agency.

Vice President for Research, Development, and Extension, Dr. Danilo B. Pacoy, on behalf of University President, Dr. Lourdes C. Generalao, expressed his gratitude to DOST for the learning and research innovation opportunities offered to USeP.

Clint James Pardilla, a Computer Programmer from DOST, conducted an orientation on the use and function of the database.

The event was organized by the University Learning Resource Center (ULRC), headed by the Director of Libraries, Dr. Maychelle M. Nugas. Davao City Science and Technology Center Director, Enidina T. Ortizo, also participated in the event, which was conducted to: (1) formally accept STARBOOKs from DOST Region XI; (2) give awareness to the faculty and students on how to maximize the use of learning resources provided for instruction and research; and (3) strengthen the University’s linkages through ULRC’s partnership with DOST.

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