USep GAD conducts a Seminar-Workshop on Integrating Gender Perspectives

The USeP Gender and Development Office in coordination with the Human Resource Management Division and the Curriculum and Instruction Office under the Office of the VP for Academic Affairs holds the two-day (25-26 Sept) Seminar-Workshop on Integrating Gender Perspectives in the Preparation of Instructional Materials at Malagos Garden Resort, Calinan, Davao City.

This activity aims to institutionalise gender equality, gender sensitivity and responsiveness in the core functions of the university, specifically in instruction. This also aims to equip the participants with techniques on how to integrate gender concepts/perspective in the general education and some major subjects.

Dr. Liza Suan, representing the Director of the Commission on Higher Education, discusses the CMO No1 Series 2015 while Prof Neph Joel Botor of UPLB facilitates the integration of gender perspectives in the preparation of instructional materials.


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